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You probably know ProTech for our best-selling line of electrical cord products, but check out these new offerings, designed to make your workday that much more productive.

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Heavy Duty Cable Protector: now in 4-pack!

Our best-selling heavy duty cable protector, "Amazon's Choice" in its category, is now available in a multipack for business users or anyone wanting to save on extra capacity.
UPC: 794811264668


Privacy Screens for
Desktops & Laptops

Our easy-to-install, fully removable privacy filters use light polarization to restrict the ability of others to see what is on your screen when nearby. Perfect for office settings, financial institutions, health care providers, or any corporate setting where data privacy is important.
UPC: 794811264774


Convex Safety Mirror

This fully adjustable safety mirror increases visibility in a wide variety of settings, helping one see blind spots, behind obstacles, and around corners. Increase safety and security in stores, warehouses, office settings, parks, parking lots, and garages, as well as on roads and street corners. At 12" in diameter, it is small enough to fit comfortably in tight indoor settings, yet also wide enough to work outdoors.

Non-Slip Safety Grip Tape

Use this non-slip tape to add long-lasting traction to steps, decks, ramps, walkways, ladders, equipment, boats, docks, and floors to prevent slips and falls.
UPC: 794811264736

Double-Side Carpet Tape 

Fasten rugs or carpets to the ground, ensuring they lie flat and do not curl up; no more tripping on uneven sections of carpet.
UPC: 794811264729

Hanging Key Lockboxes

Heavy-duty lockbox keeps up to 6 standard sized keys and/or 1-2 car keys or fobs safe. Both the base and door of the box are made from heavy all-weather zinc and aluminum alloys. Front door of box is connected to the box and opens downward.
UPC: 0730052256819

Mounted Key Lockboxes

Secure keys, fobs and access cards to private homes, apartments, vacation rentals, utility buildings, and construction sites with our easy-to-install, heavy-duty key lockbox.
UPC: 799040224117


Large Food Delivery Bag

Insulated food delivery bag accommodates large pans and warmers. Perfect for commercial applications; made of high quality 600D oxford polyester fabric that holds up against wear and tear.
UPC: 794811264699